Meet The Makies

There is so much history behind a handmade product and through these videos, we give you glimpse of who the Makies really are. Go behind the scenes and see how they started and why they do what they do. We hope they inspire you to support local, or even create something of your own!

Meet The Makies – Tilted Kilnworks

Karen Dance’s interest in human form, movement and facial expressions has inspired her to to create out-of-the-ordinary pottery pieces.

Meet The Makie – Amaranth Designs

Rea Harbus from Amaranth Designs creates sustainable, Canadian-made clothing with much care, dedication and detail!

Meet The Makie – Catalina Sánchez

For Catalina Sánchez, a notebook, has always been more than a school supply, it has been her long life passion.

Meet The Makie – The Pirate and the Gypsy

Paula explains what got her creating and all the thought and care put into creating pieces that shine meaning and longevity.

Meet The Makie – Sarah Mulder Jewelry

Sarah gets real with us on how growing a small business can be both creative and scary.

Meet The Makie – The Lemon Square

Hear from both Dan & Wally on how far a lemon bar can go when you’ve got passion and hard work on your side!

Meet The Makie – Ole Originals

Robert teaches us all the important things needed to build a strong, loyal, community focused brand!

Make It TV – Foe and Dear

Katherine tells how she quit her day job to do what she loves.

Make It TV – Jon Shaw

Jon tells us all about turning that childhood dream into a grown-up reality.

Make It TV – Green With Envy

Jen tells how she turned her hobby into a blooming business

Make It TV – Daub + Design

Lexi shares how she got started, the importance of quality, and keeping the balance of being an artist and business person.

Make It TV – Tien Neo Eamas

Tien shares how he has turned magic into a business – transforming ordinary silver into extraordinary jewelry, and selling spells in boxes.

Make It Tv – Scott Sueme

Scott chats about turning street art into a creative career.

Make It TV – The Pie Hole

Jenell shares the steep learning curves of transitioning a hobby to a career.

Make It Vancouver

Here’s a look inside the 2019 Vancouver spring show held at The PNE Forum!

Make It Calgary

Here’s a look inside the 2019 Calgary spring show held at Deerfoot Mall!

Be a Makie!

Join our tribe of likeminded entrepreneurs making a living doing what they love.

Make It TV – A Mix of Makies

Take a look into the studio spaces of some veteran Makies and see the magic being created!

A 2014 Look at Make It Show

Regardless of however many years pass, Make It Show continues to remain focused on supporting the local and handmade community!