About Jenna

A note from our Founder & CEO

I founded Make It because I wanted to create a platform for creative entrepreneurs to be able to do what they love, and sell what they make. As a maker myself, I knew the importance and value of a positive and supportive experience to sell my work at. We’ve always put a strong focus on how Make It feels by creating a fun, upbeat vibe.

Make It Happen

Beyond producing Make It, I’m also passionate about helping entrepreneurs reach their full potential. I wrote Make It Happen to offer inspiration and guidance for entrepreneurs who want to take their creative ideas and make them real.

Running a business has many challenges, but my belief is if you’re committed to growing and evolving your mindset you can make anything happen!

Check It Out

Make It Happen Online

For those who want deeper guidance, I created an online program that supports ideas from the book. These courses will take you further along the path with strategies and concepts that will allow you to overcome resistance and roadblocks that come up. I believe creativity takes courage, and the intention of Make It Happen Online is to support you through the sticky points.

When you do the work you’re meant to do in the world, the positive benefits are endless. Making it happen means tapping into your creative energy, and allowing co-creation to flow. I don’t believe we should ever force anything to happen, and in my programs I’ll give you all the strategies and techniques I’ve used to overcome obstacles. With the right mindset, there won’t be anything stopping you from making it happen!

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