Vancouver Spring Exhibitor Guide | Make It Show


Welcome Makie!

We’re honoured to have you as a valued member of our community of creative entrepreneurs earning a living doing what they love.

In order to ensure that your experience is as fun, positive, and successful as possible we’ve created this guide. If you still have a question that isn’t answered here, please email




• Thursday, April 18, noon-8pm
Show hours:
• Friday, April 19, 11am-9pm
• Saturday, April 20, 10am-6pm
• Sunday, April 21, 11am-5pm
Tear down/load-out:
• Sunday, April 21, 5pm-9pm



Food vendor form submissions should have already been sent in (prior to your booth purchase). If you have not yet sent in your forms, please submit them here by March 4, 2019. PLEASE NOTE: if you have made any changes to your forms or have an updated Food Handling Permit, please email it to







Check-in is from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM the day before the show. You can load in anytime during this time and take as long as you like to set up your booth, as long as you’re done by 8:00 PM. There will be no set up time on the morning of the show, so make sure you complete everything the evening before.

When you arrive to set up, enter the PNE grounds through Gate 2 on Renfrew (see map below). Turn right into Lot 1, park your vehicle, and walk down the loading ramp into the Forum.

Please check in with us at the check-in table to receive directions to your booth and your Makie badges.

Once all your goods are at your booth, please move your vehicle and THEN  finish setting up your booth. More parking is available on the East side of the building. PNE parking is free during set-up. The loading area is small, and we have a lot of Makies who need to get their goods into the building, so please don’t leave your vehicle in the area any longer than absolutely necessary.

Shared dollies are available to help you unload your vehicle, but if you have a dolly of your own, we recommend you bring it to speed up the process.

For the safety reasons and as per WorkSafe regulations, children under the age of 15 are not permitted in the hall during set up or tear down. Please make sure you arrange childcare in advance. The exhibitor lounge will be available for you to use during load-in and tear-down, but do not leave children unattended in the lounge. An adult must be with them at all times.



Before and after show hours, please use the exhibitor entrance to access the venue. You and your staff will need to present your Makie button to the security guard in order to enter the venue; if you lose your button, please obtain one from a Make It Team Member. Please do not pressure the venue to admit you without your Makie credentials — their job is to keep unauthorized people (ie anyone without a button) out of the building in order to keep all of us (and everyone’s products!) safe.

You may access the hall one hour before/after the show opens/closes each day. If you need to access the hall outside of those hours, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make the proper arrangements with the security team.

During the show, you’re welcome to use the regular show entrance as long as you have your Makie button with you.



You can pick up extra Makie badges for your staff members during check in. You’re welcome to leave a badge for your staff at Will Call if they are arriving during show hours and you can’t leave your booth. Just pop the badge into an envelope with their name on it and bring it to the ticket kiosks.



3J’s Smokehouse 2109
4 Paws Pure 704
5oclockbanana 1401
A Healthy Beginning 1303
Abeego Designs Inc 807
Adam Skalzub photography 714
Adornation 505
Adorned 312
Allen & Iris 1410
Amara Blue Designs 816
Amazing FoodBC 2101
Ancient Mantra Naturals 812
Anja Jane 1708
Archive Boutique 102
Art + Soul Creative Co. 1103
Artisan’s Way Organics 2108
Artist K.Treber 806
Aschenti Cocoa 1806
Auntie Jean’s Fudge 1808
Baby Boos Teethers 1308
Bare Nature Products 616
BC Buds Garlic 1206
Bean Boy 902
Bee’s Knees Beach 1609
Bella By The Sea Boutique 406
Beth and Olivia Handmade 117
Big Bear + the Wolf 813
BK Naturals 810
Black sheep vegan cheeze 2102
Blank Space 507
BlueStar Boutique 1309
BobAli 1106
Boreal Folk Apothecary 716
BoxNotBox 210
Bret’s Bibs 303
Burnish Designs 412
Burnt Whiskey Beard Co. 1608
C Yarn Hut 608
Ca Croustille Bakery 2007
Campfire Stix 510
Canuck Soap & Candle Inc. 709
Caribou Kids 710
Carla Simple Living 107
CASE Boutique 306
Cask and Barrel Woodworks 614
Chef PIeter Inc. 1500
Cherry Velvet / Diane Kennedy 713
Cimpoe Gallery 309
Coconama Chocolate 1108
Courtney Rai Dawn Jewelry 405
Craftedvan 2
Dancing Leaf Design 109
De Almeida 302
Dear Joie 811
Destroyers Of Sleep 1304
Devi Arts Collective 618
Dimpleskins Naturals 815
Dogwood Denim Apparel Inc. 612
Doll K Pendant 1503
Dougherty Glassworks 1409
Dragon Mist Distillery 901
Drift Wellness 1706
Driftwood Pens 804
Drunken Chocolatier 1906
Earth Nynja Leather Creations 205
Earth Paws Pet Products 1606
East Van Jam 904
East Van Light 1601
Ebb & Flow Jewelry 1709
El Gringo 2103
Elderberry Grove 1200
Erin Morris Ceramics 1501
Esther Drone Pottery 212
Eulalee Leather 503
Farmstead Naturals 1404
Fishskin designs 316
Flavors Kitchen 1204
Flora and Forest Jewellery 1903
Forbidden Fruit Winery 1202
Gingersnap 809
GogoBags 718
Going Nuts Inc. 1005
Goldilocks Wraps 515
GreenBean.ReLoved 404
Gulf Island Cribbage 407
Hanes Hummus 2005
Healingscents 511
Heart & Hearth 1406
Heart Expressions 1607
Homelands Gourmet Products 907
Honest Dumplings 2009
Honey Canada Natural Craft 610
Howling Dog Artisan Jewellery 317
I Am Blessed Mala Beads 1605
Innomineral Cosmetics 514
Island Soap Co. 204
Itchyichi 706
Jayna Handmade Leather Craft 705
Jeannie B 111
Jewelry by Amanda 609
Jill Warne Arts 3
John Died Designs 708
JUNCO design 110
Jusu Life Inc. 208
Katie Lil Fine Arts 501
Kawaiiboku 416
Kenziecards 115
kick ass caramels 903
Kismet Essentials 211
Kuseno Comfort Products 215
LanaBetty 304
Laughing Sparrow 409
Laurel’s Boutique, Vernon BC, Canada 411
Leah Yard Designs 604
Leanne Spanza’s Art 602
Level Up Superfoods 1905
Lil’ Paddy’s Pickle 1807
Lila & Pip 1305
Lillian Gallery 1701
Lisa Lindsay LaRose 1505
Little Boutique 410
Little Fox Apothecary 201
Loops Jewellery 808
Low Poly Crafts 310
Luli Designs 513
Luv The Grub 1006
M W Bowen art sales 415
Madera Woodworking 1310
Make It Happen! 601
Make! 308
Mana jewelry 502
Marie’s Guilt Free Bakery 1904
Marlee Rae 1803
Master Indian Spice 1107
Meadow Vista Honey Wines 2006
Mediterra soaps 1604
Melt Confectionary 905
MerSea Studio 1201
Mind The Minimal 314
MnM Wood Design 1
MotherLove Kombucha 1907
Mountain Naturals Soap 1802
Mysgreen 701
Nature Bee Wraps 108
No Roads Studio 711
NOMAD by Elroy 508
Object Local 217
Odd Number Knots 512
Oh Sweet Day! 1007
Ole Originals 408
One Thing Lockets 1602
Out Designs 1610
Pacific Natural Woodworks Inc. (D.B.A. Chósta) 504
pacific north west prints 313
Painted Rocket Designs 1703
Parvanah Collective 1702
Pemberton Distillery 2004
Piknic Designs 2002
Pinch Skincare 311
Pipsneaks 315
PoCo Soap Co. 413
Populated Self 1405
Prysm 814
RaadCrystals 1403
Raven’s Rest Studio 301
Re-T Upcycled Designs 717
Re:creation 203
Red Cedar Studio 1408
Reminded Designs 207
Riding the Pine 509
Rootside Provisions 2008
Rose + Doll 202
Royal City Donuts 2105
Royce & Oak 615
Rusted Nail Designs 707
Sajiva Kombucha 2104
Salt Spring Artisan Vinegar 2106
SaltSpring Kitchen Co 1809
sam kalensky 516
Sarah Mulder Jewelry 702
sarah mulligan glass 101
Scandinazn 113
Scentimental Creations 805
SCHMEAR Naturals 1902
SeaLuxe 801
Seema’s Jardin de Fleurs 607
Serena Bartok Fine Jewelery 116
She Devil Delights Ltd 908
Sherabo Organics 506
Siggi Clothier 703
Simply Delish Artisan Enterprises 2107
Slate Jewelry 1101
Smak Dab 906
SoftSoul 1804
Solasta Chocolate 1203
Sons of Vancouver Distillery 1008
Sriracha Revolver 1205
Stitches of Green 1705
Street & Saddle 213
Street Cat Designs Artisan Jewelry 414
strongnfreecdn 106
Studio Shae 403
Studiostone Creative 1504
Sunspot Paracord 550 Creations 103
Swallow Jewellery 209
Sweet Thea Bakery 1004
Tara Blown Glass 715
The BEK Shop 1307
The Branch and the Vine 114
The Crafty Artisans 1302
The Design Den 611
The Dope Soap & Co 1102
The Jitterbug Studio 216
The Lemon Square 1002
The Magpies Nest 105
The Nut Merchant 1909
The Pirate + The Gypsy Designs 1901
The Quilted Bead 803
The Rad Scientist Topicals 1407
The Sharper Barker 517
The Upper Dekker 606
Tien Neo Eamas 307
TLC Cozy Bags 1603
Trudy Ann’s Chai & Spices 1001
Tulip Tree Totes 1502
Twisted Fae Fibreworks Works 617
Urban Princess Designs 1306
Vegan Pudding & Co. 1003
Watershed Wax Company 605
Waterside Winery 1908
West Thirteen Home Design 305
Westerly Creations 1402
Wexford Candle Co. 402
Whimsy’s Jewels 1805
Wildcraft Organic Ltd. (former Two with Nature Foods) 1710
Ye Olde Soap Shoppe 2001
Yifat Jovani 802
Yookyoung Yong Ceramics 712
You + Me 613

Although we try very hard not to make changes to the floor plan once it is released, it’s sometimes necessary to make minor changes. Please double check your booth number a day or two before the show to ensure you’ve got the most up-to-date info.





    Size + Space
    Booth sizes are given width x depth; if your booth is 10′ x 6′, then it’s 10’ left-to-right and 6′ front-to-back. Everything you’re selling and all of your display fixtures must fit within the footprint of your booth; nothing may protrude into the aisle or into your neighbour’s booth.
    Pipe and Drapes
    Booths are separated by 8’ high white back-and-side pipe-and-drapes. Some Makies hang additional drapes from the pipe to provide a different colour backdrop for their display; this is permitted but please use Fire Resistant treated panels only.
    A limited number of s-hooks will be provided so that you can hang signage if required. Please do not hang anything other than signage (up to 3 lbs.) from the pipe.
    Floor covering is not required but it’s a great idea to build carpeting or anti-fatigue panels into your booth. Standing up all weekend is hard!
    Your booth comes equipped with one chair; if you’d like a chair for your booth, please grab one from the stack during load in.
    Up to 1500W of power are allocated for your use, but there may not be an outlet at your booth so please
    • Bring an extension cord that is at least 25′ long
    • Bring any power bars you will need use energy-efficient bulbs in your lighting
    • Do not use more power than you need — we don’t want to overload any circuits!
    • If you need more than 1500W of power or need 24-hour power, please order an upgrade directly from the show supplier.
    Things you should bring or rent:
    • Table
    • Table Coverings
    • Lighting
    • Fabric to cover your booth at night
    • Signage with your company name



If you need tables or other display equipment for your booth (gridwall etc), you can order those directly from our equipment supplier through this PDF or by using their handy online ordering system at Instructions on how to order can be found on page 2 of this PDF.
Make It Vancouver’s show code: Mi04192119



If you’re planning to ship your items to Make It, you can also do this through Goodkey. Goodkey can also transport your goods from one show city to the next. Please email to make arrangements.



Wifi at the Forum can sometimes be spotty, so we suggest that you use your own data plan for processing payments.



• Plan to bring ALL ESSENTIAL EQUIPMENT for yourself and your exhibit. We do not provide extension cords or power bars.
• A water bottle and/or travel mug.
• A really good float! Please don’t expect the venue to make change for you.
• Dress comfortably! Temperature fluctuations in any large venue are not uncommon as the space fills up with people, so dress in layers.
• Wear comfortable shoes, as you may be standing for long periods of time.
• Other things that might make life easier: snacks, lip balm, Advil/Tylenol, etc.



We are strict about showing up on time in the morning. You will be able to access your booth one hour before the doors open to the public each day. Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before the show each day. Your booth should be uncovered, lit, and ready to go at your booth at least 10 minutes before show time. Scrambling to your booth like a hot mess right as the doors open is not a good look for you or for us, so please don’t do it!
Makies who consistently arrive late will not be invited back to future shows.



You’re required to keep your booth open until the end of the show each day. We know it’s tempting on the last day of the show to start packing up early as things begin to slow down, but please resist the urge to tear down! It only takes one vendor who begins packing things away to send customers the message that it’s time for them to go home. This is detrimental to everyone, especially Makies with large pieces who often make the bulk of their sales at the end of the show when shoppers return to purchase an item they’ve been thinking about.

Makies who leave the show before closing or who begin packing up before tear-down will not be invited back to future shows.



There will be a great bunch of food vendors outside the venue (including carts with vegan and gluten-free options), and the PNE concession will be open. We also always recommend making sure you have a good stash of your favourite snacks at your booth to get you through the show.



The Exhibitor Lounge will be available for your use during load-in, tear-down and during all hours of the show. There is a fridge in the exhibitor lounge, and lots of tables and chairs for when you need a break.





Early Bird tickets are available until right before the show starts, and are only $3 -that’s half off the gate price! Make sure you share the link with all of your followers ( Once the show opens, online tickets are still available for $4.


We are proud to have you at the shows and we hope you are proud too! We’d love you to spread the word and invite your customers to visit you at the show! Here’s an image for you to use:

Here’s a handy list of social media info:

Hashtags: #makeitvancouver #makeitshow

Instagram: @makeitshow

Facebook: Make It! The Handmade Revolution

Facebook Event: Make sure you direct and invite ALL of your friends to the official facebook event.



Direct email is still the #1 way to reach your customers! Here’s a bit of text you can copy-and-paste into your next newsletter:

We’re soooo excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming Make It Vancouver, happening April 19-21 at the PNE Forum! Stock up on accessories, jewellery, clothing, art, home decor, food, baby/kid items, and lots of other beautifully crafted goods from more than 200 Makies. Everything at Make It is handmade with love in Canada, so you can feel good about what you buy. There are also fantastic food carts and a beer garden, to keep you fueled up!

Early Bird tickets to Make It are available online at, and are only $3 -that’s 50% off the gate price!



Flyers are available for pickup at our partner locations for you to hand out to your friends, family, and customers; an electronic one will also be available here for you to share on your social media feeds. Both versions are good for $2 off entry!

Flyers are available for pick up at these following locations:

Bird On A Wire Creations: 2535 Main St (at Broadway)
Make On Granville Island: 1648 Duranleau St.
Conscious Lab/Make It HQ: #200-422 Richards St (email to arrange a time; we’re not always in the office)

As a special bonus and a thank you for all your hard work, when you pick up your flyers you can also pick up six paper tickets to use for social media promotion or for your family and friends.




During the event, organizers will be on-site to assist with directing the crowd and maintaining security. Please let them know if you notice any attendees or participants acting in ways that could be dangerous or damaging to equipment or the venue, or if you notice any safety hazards.

The PNE provides 24-hour security for the entire weekend (Thursday morning through Sunday night). Make It is not responsible for the security of items and equipment at your booth; we recommend taking electronic equipment and cash with you when you leave each night.

PNE staff wear name tags/uniforms identifying them as such, and our equipment supplier’s personnel all wear staff t-shirts that identify them. A popular scam at large shows is for someone to pretend to be part of the venue staff in order to gain access to the area behind exhibitor booths (or other exhibitor areas), where exhibitors often stash laptops, bags, and other personal items. Please don’t allow anybody without the proper identification into the back area of your booth.

Whether you (or your staff) are entering the show during the exhibitor entrance before or after show hours or through the front entrance during show hours, you will need to present your Makie button to the security guard in order to enter the venue. Please do not pressure the venue to admit you without your Makie credentials — their job is to keep unauthorized people (ie anyone without a button) out of the building in order to keep all of us (and everyone’s products!) safe. Makies who ignore security procedures will not be invited back to future Make It events.




Makies are not allowed to park in Lot 1 during the show, but there’s lots of parking available East of the Forum. PNE parking is $12 a day; you may purchase a 3-day parking pass from the PNE from the parking Kiosk as you drive in during the mornings of show days. The parking pass won’t save you any money, but it will save you the headache of needing to stop and pay every day when you arrive, and prevent the formation of huge line-up into the parking lot on Friday morning. There is also a large pay-parking lot right across the street from the Forum (south of the Forum, on the other side of Hastings Street).




If you would like to hand out samples at the show, you MUST have a temporary handwash station and a spray bottle of disinfectant at your booth. In order to minimize direct food handling at the show, please portion and pack your samples before the show.

Here’s a great diagram for setting up a temporary handwashing station:

You can use the utility sink in the exhibitor lounge to fill your water container.

If you are unsure about any of the VCH regulations, please check their Guideline for Sale of Foods at Temporary Markets for clarification.

The Environmental Health Officer needs to inspect our food vendor booths at the start of the show; food vendors must arrive at the PNE Forum at 10:00 a.m. on Friday to be present for inspection.

Makies requiring more than 1500W of power or 24-hour power MUST purchase a power upgrade for their booth. If you need additional power, please purchase it directly from the show’s electrical supplier.






Unfortunately, the PNE Forum does not accommodate advance shipping. Please do not ship your goods directly to the venue in advance of the show; make sure your cartage company can provide storage in advance of the show, and deliver your goods the morning of April 19. Your items must be shipped out after the show wraps on Sunday night. Materials handling and forklifting will be provided by Make It. If you are not using our official carrier, please confirm with your shipping company that they will be picking up your pallet on Sunday night, as the venue will not store it for you.

Make It’s official carrier is >C&D Logistics. To arrange to ship through C&D, please contact Matt Baillet at or 604 881 4440.

For the fastest quote, make sure you have all of the following info ready:

Make It! The Handmade Revolution
(Makie business name, booth #)
PNE Forum
2901 E Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1

You’re welcome to use any carrier you like to ship your goods to the show. Please advise them that the window for receivership is the morning of Thursday, April 19 and that they must pick up your items on Sunday after the show closes.

Some Makies prefer to ship their goods via Greyhound, and then rent a vehicle once they arrive in town and pick their items up themselves from Greyhound. It’s less convenient than shipping directly to the show, but often more affordable.



Once you have unpacked your pallet, you may store it in the area marked “pallet storage” on the floor plan in the exhibitor guide. Please write your name on your pallet so that everyone knows who it belongs to you so that it is still there for you on Sunday when you need it.



Lots of Makies choose to book places to stay through AirBnB. This is an especially great option if you have Makies who are travel buddies, and it’s really nice to have access to a real kitchen over the course of the show weekend! If you’re new toAirbnb, you can use this link to sign up and get a $45 credit to use on your booking.

We also highly recommend the Atrium Inn which is only a block away from the PNE Forum. Please tell them you’re going to be at Make It for a special deal organized only for Makies!






We will be hosting a silent auction with 100% of the proceeds going to the Union Gospel Mission. We encourage you to help us raise money for this worthy cause by donating an item! The Union Gospel Mission provides meals, shelter, recovery programs, and education and job preparation programs to those in need. The generosity of Makies like you has raised more than $20 000 for the UGM!

If you’d like to donate an item to the silent auction, please drop off your item at the check-in table on load-in day.



Our customers love entering their names to win a super awesome prize! If you would like to donate an item, please drop off your item at the check-in table on load-in day. No minimum value is required — we appreciate every donation. The Grand Prize Giveaway is one of the tools we use to build our email list, which is a huge part of how we get so many people out to each show! Your contribution will be displayed at the front of the show with your business name and booth number, so make sure you pick an item that will drive customers to your booth.

If there is an opportunity to showcase products on TV or other forms of media, Makies who donate an item to the Grand Prize Giveaway will be selected first.




Vancouver does not currently require out-of-town market vendors to obtain a license to vend at the show.

A representative of the BC Ministry of Finance will be conducting a site inspection on Friday, April 20th. Please make sure you are familiar with the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) regulations and how they apply (or don’t apply) to your products.

Please click here to get a PDF of the Casual Remittance form that you can use to remit your PST if you do not have a PST number. If you have a PST number, then remit your PST in the usual fashion.

If you are uncertain about PST regulations and how they affect you, please call Taxpayer Services 1 877 388 4440 between 8:30am and 4:30pm (BC time, Monday to Friday) with your PST questions.




Need some promotional printing done to promote your business? We have a sweet deal from our Printing sponsor, Club Card!

Save 20% on any standard item ordered via
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You agreed to the following terms and conditions when you submitted your application. These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time as required and you agree to be bound by any future updates upon delivery of notice of such updates.

*You will not sublease or share your booth.

*You will comply with all local zoning, bylaws, and health and safety rules.

*You will only sell the products outlined in this application unless prior written approval is obtained from Make It Productions Inc.

*You will only sell products that have been designed by you and made in Canada.

*You (or your representative) are required to be present in your booth the entire duration of the show and will not take down your booth until the show is closed.

*You will not hang items weighing more than 3 pounds from the supplied pipe and drape in your booth.

*You will be respectful to fellow Makies.

*You will have fun and promote your participation at the show as much as possible!

If you are accepted to the show, the following refund policy will apply:

*If you cancel your application 90 days or more before the show, you will receive a 75% refund. If you cancel your application 60 to 89 days before the show, you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel your application 59 days or less before the first day of the show, all exhibitor fees and options are non-refundable.

*Make It Productions Inc makes no representations or warranties about your sales or success at the show and is not responsible for any losses you may incur if the show is cancelled or shortened for reasons outside the reasonable control of Make It Productions Inc.

*You will comply with all requests and directives from Make It Productions Inc personnel during the show to ensure that other exhibitors and customers, at the sole discretion of Make It Productions Inc, have a safe, enjoyable, and positive experience.

*You are solely responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, facilities, insurance, and approvals reasonably required to sell your products at the show. Make It Productions Inc will not be responsible for any costs, damages, theft or economic loss resulting from your failure to comply with this term. If any government agency, court, person or commercial body orders sale of your products cease, you will immediately comply with this order.

*You will indemnify Make It Productions Inc for any loss, fine, penalty, judgement, legal fees, and expenses reasonably  connected with your failure to comply with the terms of this agreement or any liability, negligence, gross negligence or injury resulting from your products, actions, conduct, booth setup, display or trade activities.

*Make It Production Inc may amend or update these terms from time to time and you agree to be bound by such future amendments or updates.

*If you fail to comply with the terms of this agreement contained herein and as amended or updated from time to time, whether before or during the show, Make It Productions Inc may cancel your application or remove you and prohibit your attendance at the show. The refund policy shall apply to this term as if you had provided notice of cancellation on the date that your application is cancelled or you are otherwise removed from the show by Make It Productions Inc.

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