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Meet the Team

Jenna Herbut, Founder

What inspired you to start Make It?

I was a maker myself and had a line of accessories called Booty Beltz. Luckily it was before social media, so there aren’t too many embarrassing photos floating around on the interwebs! I got the idea to start Make It because I wanted to create a craft fair that my friends and peers would want to come to. The first shows were very humble, but there were fabulous exhibitors, a bar and good music so it didn’t take long to catch fire.

What is your role at Make It?

In the beginning my brother Chandler and I did everything. Now I’m very fortunate to have Brigitte and Diana who are taking on the bulk of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the shows. I still love coming up with big crazy ideas for handmade world domination! My other passions are speaking and writing so my plan is to do more of that. I also recently launched Conscious Lab which is an event space for creative entrepreneurs in Gastown.

What’s your favorite thing to make?

Surprisingly I’m not super crafty and don’t make a whole lot, but there was a time that I was obsessed with making terrariums!

What do you love most about the Makie community?

Makies have an energy and enthusiasm that’s contagious! I love how passionate they are about the work they create. They’re the reason the vibe at the show feels so good <3

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a big traveller and go overseas at least once a year. Seeing how other people live their lives has always fascinated me. There are also so many incredible things to do in Vancouver, so I try to get out and enjoy the city as much as possible. Hanging out with friends and being active is a big part of my life too.

What are some of your favorite Make It purchases?

Now that is a hard question! I have so many incredible things from Make It, but if I had to choose I would say my badass unicorn skull necklace from Katz n Dahl, a gorgeous dream catcher that’s in our Make It office from Gypsy Hearts, and a gold “Life is Rad” shirt from my pals at Locomotive.


Brigitte Stroud,
Production Manager

What do you do at Make It?

I look after everything related to our (incredibly talented and always amazing) Makies. Which basically amounts to answering emails, putting together the floor plan for each show, answering emails, liaising with municipal and provincial authorities to make sure everything’s in order, answering emails, and making sure all of our Makies have everything they need to be successful, whether they are veterans at the show or newbies just starting out. Oh, and did I mention? A lot of emails.

Why do you love the handmade community?

I’ve been part of the handmade community my whole life, so everyone in it feels like family -even if I’ve just met them!
The handmade community is full of some of the most badass people you’ll ever meet -when somebody makes something by hand, they put a little piece of themselves into each item, and it takes a lot of guts to offer that up to public scrutiny. The love and support that our Makies offer each other is heart warming, and we see it at every show.

What can you not resist buying at Make It?

Art! My house has piles of pieces that I haven’t been able to find wall space for. And jewelry, because there’s nothing like a one-of-a-kind piece that speaks to you the second you lay eyes on it. And food! We have THE BEST food vendors.

What do you enjoy making?

I worked as a seamstress for fifteen years, and I still enjoy sewing for pleasure. I’m a natural nester, so I make a lot of things for around the house, including some of the furniture. I’d rather make something than buy it, just so that it can be exactly the right thing.

What do you like to do for fun?

I work for Make It -how much more fun can a person ask for? And I make things. Sometimes I garden. Sometimes I play with animals.

Any other interesting things about yourself?

I have a higher Xbox gamerscore than anyone else on Team Make It.


Diana Luong,
Marketing Manager

What do you do at Make It?

I get to do all the fun creative work that I love so much! This includes the rebrand and all design work that comes with each show such as the flyers, banners, maps, ads, posters, and this brand new website. I also handle our social media channels and share lovely photos of our Makies and their work!

Why do you love the handmade community?

I love the handmade community because there is such a huge amount of talent, love, and care that is put into every product. Makies are so kindhearted and passionate about their work. It really makes you feel good when you know you’re supporting someone else’s dream!

What can you not resist buying at Make It?

The food just gets me every time! Especially after long days at the craft fair, I can’t help but wander off to the food section and find delicious goodies to munch on.

What do you enjoy making?

Along with working at Make It, I’m also a Makie! I am one of the creators of craftedvan and we love making magnetic bookmarks, magnets, cards, and prints. Alongside that, I really enjoy making themed party decorations and personalized gifts.

What do you like to do for fun?

I was recently addicted to Pokemon Go, ha! And now, currently obsessed with the game Overcooked. Other than that, I enjoy crafting, exploring, board games, and escape rooms! I also love amusement parks and everything Disney.

Any other interesting things about yourself?

I’ve been designing since the 5th grade and the amount of time I’ve spent on the computer probably has resulted in my extremely horrible eye sight. I have an obsession with storage boxes but somehow still make tons of creative messes! Follow my creative adventures at @craftedvan 🙂

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